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The no porta-potty at your fancy party revolution has begun. Customers from Portland to Seattle are taking their events to the next level of luxury with our high-end portable restrooms. Have a look and see what our pacific northwestern customers are saying about Luxury Restroom Trailers.

“Beautiful trailers! They made my event. I had a huge amount of compliments on them. Very reasonably priced and a million times better than having a porta-potty! Seriously, people were posting pictures of them on Facebook. It was awesome! The company was super easy to work with too! For every event I plan, I will use them.”

Zoe E - 07/1/2015

“I used the luxury restroom trailer for our backyard home wedding. It was beautiful, and well worth the cost. Super clean, well decorated, air conditioned, and most of all played instrumental classic rock…which all of our guests absolutely loved. We has a hundred or so guests and the idea of them flooding through our house to use our one restroom, seemed like a possible steep plumbing bill. This trailer service was amazing. They were able to park it on our property. It was aesthetically pleasing to our guests, not like having Porto potties lining our yard. Overall great experience!”

Shauna S - 9/16/2015

“We used Luxury Restroom Trailers for our outdoor wedding a couple weeks ago. They were great to work with and put in some extra work getting the trailer in just the right spot. The trailer itself was super nice and ended up being a big talking point among our guests (AC! classy music! running water!) I would recommend if you have an event where you need portable restrooms but want to keep it fancy.”

Chris R - 08/15/2014

”After seeing the Luxury Restroom Trailers at the Portland Bridal Show I was in awe. So clean. So pretty. AC! Running water! Indoor lighting and mood music?! WHAT?! I HAD TO HAVE THEM. And have them we did. Now our outdoor wedding has come and gone, and I’m STILL hearing compliments on how awesome our freakin’ wedding toilets were! It’s hilarious, but also completely serious. It was a point of topic among our wedding guests, “did you go to the bathroom yet? OMG! go right now. there’s AC in there and music! it’s nicer than my bathroom at home!”. We got a 2-restroom trailer and it worked great for our 110-guest wedding.

The staff were also really awesome and helpful. They came out and did a site visit to determine where to put the trailer ahead of time. The rental period was Friday-Sunday which worked great for us. Another great point was that they take care of EVERYTHING. We did not have to worry about taking away the garbage or cleaning up after our event.

We had a great experience with them and would HIGHLY recommend Luxury Restroom Trailers by Privy Chambers, especially for outdoor weddings.”

Sarah T - 08/25/2014

I come from a family and part of the country where very large weddings with sit down dinners, live music, and the whole 9 yards are the norm. Our daughter wanted an outdoor, country setting, and less formal wedding.

When it came to deciding on restroom usage, I just couldn’t bring myself to rent a traditional construction-style, hot and stinky eye sore of a port-o-potty for our friends and family’s use. When I learned someone we know owns this luxury restroom rental company, I had to check it out. Initially, I received A LOT of flack for spending that kind of money on an outdoor luxury restroom!

Looking back, I do have to say, it was probably the best rental decision of the wedding. It was over 90 degrees and humid that day. Needless to say, we received MANY positive comments on how nice and clean the restrooms were, how great it was to get out of the heat for a few minutes, and what a great idea…they were quite popular! I absolutely consider this money well spent!

Let’s face it, at such an important life event, why would you want to use a hot, stuffy and stinky construction-style port-o-potty when you could provide a restroom with air conditioning, music, porcelain fixtures, running water, mirror, sink.

Not to mention, the owner’s of the company were completely accommodating! Great customer-service and they were so patient when dropping the unit off while we tried to decide the best spot. They delivered and picked up exactly when they said they would.

Valorie - 06/27/2015

I was very happy with Luxury Restroom Trailers. The service was great and the trailers fit in perfecly with our event.

Private User - 2015

I have to admit, I was weirdly excited about these bathrooms. I hate port-o-potties. I couldn’t stand the idea of all of guests having to use them on a hot day so I did my research and found Luxury Restrooms. TOTALLY WORTH IT. My guests would use them and love them so much that they would so much that they would take a friend back to show them. People were posting pictures of them on facebook. They were perfect. They were clean, they were worth every cent. For every event for the rest of my life I will use them. Seriously, they were perfect. The Company was super easy to work with to. They were the simplest of all of my vendors to hire.

Zoe - 06/13/2015

The trailers were very nice and the staff were friendly and helpful.

Private User - 2015

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