Your business plays by the rules, and compliance in event planning is no different. It’ll give you peace of mind if you know that your vendors comply with applicable laws. And it can create significant liability for your firm if they do not. When it comes to sanitation facilities for your event, it’s particularly important.
In everything from licensing and permitting requirements, to regulations on the handling and transportation of waste, to offering facilities that are accessible for all your guests, you’ll want to ensure your vendor is fully compliant. Here’s what you should check and how you should do it.sample business license

Valid Licenses And Permits

Depending on your local jurisdiction, a number of types of licenses and permits may be required to operate any business—not just a portable sanitation provider.

Business Licensing

In most areas, for-profit businesses are required to have a business license and can face severe consequences if found to be operating without one. However, often the permits are expensive and less-than-reputable businesses choose to go without. And, all too often they get away with it because governments simply don’t have the money for enforcement.

Oregon state sealState Business Registration

An even simpler requirement that is often neglected is business registration with the Secretary of State in each state where a firm intends to conduct business. Yet it’s surprising how often vendors don’t even bother.
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‘Over The Road’ Permits And Inspections

There are a variety of licenses, certifications, and inspections required of commercial equipment on the road. The federal Department of Transportation requires annual safety inspections on all commercial vehicles over 10,000 pounds, and the certification sticker that comes from passing their inspection. Further, the law requires that drivers maintain a hard copy of the inspection in their vehicle’s file for a period of 14 months.Truck cab
There may be additional requirements for commercial vehicles, depending on the laws in your local jurisdiction.

Legal Handling Of Waste

The proper and legal handling of waste require additional licenses and permits. At a minimum, your vendor must be certified by the federal Department of Environmental Quality as a sewage hauler.
Best practices in the industry are established by the Portable Sanitation International Association (PSAI). Ask your vendor if they’re a member of this prestigious professional group.
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Providing Fully Accessible Facilities

As an event planning professional, you’re probably quite familiar with the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Handicapped symbolAct (ADA). Making your event accessible for everyone is not just good planning, it’s the law.
A critical place to ensure accessiblility is in your event’s restroom facilities. Be sure to ask your portable restroom supplier if they offer fully ADA-compliant restrooms. At Luxury Restroom Trailers, we’re proud to be the first supplier in the Northwest to offer a variety of fully ADA-compliant restrooms.
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Dealing With A Truly Professional Vendor

When choosing vendors to supply your events, you want to work with ‘above-board’, professional  businesses. One of the best ways you can assess what kind of a business you’re dealing with is to ask to see their permits, licenses, and proof of sufficient liability insurance. (They should carry at least $1,000,000 of general liability insurance).
Vendors who are not fully licensed may actually represent a legal liability for your business, should you decide to engage them. Not only will good vendors be more than happy to show you their licenses, they’ll be happy you did. They know the extra costs they bear to run a legitimate and safe business and welcome customers who know the difference!
At Luxury Restroom Trailers, we’re proud be the Northwest’s leaders in portable restrooms for every event. We’re 100% licensed and certified in both Oregon and Washington; we’re members of the PSIA; add to that the area’s largest fleet and largest service area, and you have the professional vendor you’re looking for!