As we come to the end of the summer season, we added some focus in this month’s post on event planning as a business.  From best practices in pricing event planning services, to those podcasts you should be following to stay up to date, it’s all here.

Stay Current With PodcastsMan listening to a podcast on event planning

One of the most effective and convenient ways of keeping up with the event planning industry is through podcasts, you can listen pretty much whenever it’s convenient.
Author Josh Levine notes that although “social media has dominated interaction between event experts and event planners…

some influential organizers are turning to Podcasts as an alternative means of sharing event planning tips, tricks and best practices.

The 7 Best Podcasts for Event Planners

Update on Pricing Best Practices for Event Planners

money symbols smallFor most small businesses, setting pricing is one of the most challenging parts of running their business.  Event planners are no different.  How do you know your pricing is competitive?  Or are you committing the sin of “leaving money on the table”?
The Event Leadership Institute in partnership with the International Live Events Association conducted a survey this spring of 516 respondents, following a similar survey done in 2013.
A key takeaway from the survey was that:

Most independent planners—those who work for external clients either on their own or within a planning company—earn $5,000 or less on an average event.

Are You Charging Enough For Event Planning Services?

Think Outside the Box for Your Outdoor EventTreehouse

Outdoor events are popular, but how do you set your event apart from all the others?  Here are six real creative venues from a train car to a tree-house.  Writer Michele Laufik admits that:

Now more than ever, planners are seeking out the newest, most novel event settings to wow guests

6 Outdoorsy Spaces for an Out-Of-The-Box Event

Apps for Events.  No Longer All The Rage?

One day something can be on everyone’s lips, yet a month later you rarely hear of it.  In the event planning world, apps were the darlings of the business not long ago.  But has that trend stalled, or even ended?  Author Florian Courgenouil notes that:

The volume of downloads from the top US app developers on both Apple iOS and Android has fallen 20% over the last year, with global downloads slowing to a modest 3% growth year on year.

But he adds:

At the heart of technologies adopted and adapted for events remains the event mobile app. Many events today have chosen to get digital.

Mr. Courgenouil offers five things for event planners to consider to make sure that everyone benefits from a mobile event app.
Has The Event App Bubble Burst?

A Creative, Nostalgic Twist on the Bar CartBar Car

When it comes to alcohol at events, there’s almost a sense of “been there – done that”.  Here’s an idea for serving drinks that is at the same time unique and nostalgic.
The folks at Bar Car converted a 1965 Airstream trailer into a mobile bar. The side opens to reveal a full liquor bar with customized spirits, while self-service beer taps can pour local micro brews. A sound system is available to play iPod playlists.
Bar Car Debuts Airstream Traveling Bar

Wrapping Up the Summer Season

Even though the summer event season is drawing to a close, there are still plenty of nice, warm days left for a great event.  When you’re looking at an outdoor venue, or planning one in a location with limited facilities, don’t forget that Luxury Restroom Trailers offers your guests the nicest “place to go”.
Covering the Northwest from Seattle to southern Oregon, no matter the size of your event, we’ve got a luxurious restroom to meet your needs.  Give us a call today!