With the summer event season in full swing, we’ve curated five of the best reads in the industry.  From the always important swag to social media promotions, we’ve got something for everyone here, and we close with a little wardrobe guidance for professional event planners.  What more could you ask for?

Up to Date Ideas for Swag

It’s a fact, everyone thinks about swag when they think of conferences or events.  It’s important to attendees, and if it’s important to them, it’s important to event planners.
Author Ronnie Higgins says:

Like speakers and sponsors, the contents of your event swag bag can say a lot about who you are and what your brand represents. If you hope your event will be memorable, carefully consider what you’re giving attendees.

New Ideas for Show and Event Swag

Promoting Your Event with Social Media: Do It Right!

event planning and corporate events: social media logosThere’s not a professional event planner out there who doesn’t already know about social media and how important it is to event promotion.  But with anything changing as fast as social media, you need to stay constantly up-to-date.
Event Manager Dan McCarthy of Ultimate Experience thinks:

Social media is not just about getting butts on the seats. It should also be used to generate engagement during the event. Strategically place a few social media walls where people tend to cluster. Encourage attendees to share their own thoughts and submit selfies while the event is in progress.

Using Social Media for Event Promotion

Branding Your Event: Details Matterevent planning and corporate events: branding your event

Marketing professionals know how critical branding is. Are you putting enough emphasis into branding your event?
Writing this blog as well, Mr. Higgins urges you to:

Think about your content as your brand. Attendees don’t register for your event because it stands for something. When it comes down to it, they show up to hear speakers talk about topics that interest them. Kat suggests making sure your event agenda is not only front and center on your event website, but available in formats that can be easily digested. That means offering a printable PDF attendees can bring to their boss to get buy-in to attend.

Details Matter in Branding Your Event

Improve On-Site Logistics, Reduce Your Pre-Event Anxiety

Good logistics make for a good eventLogistics can make the difference between event success and failure.
They’re pretty much an event planner’s life.  It’s really as simple as that.  And, when you know that all the logistics are taken care of, it takes stress off and lets you focus on making the rest of the event perfect.
Tracy Kosolcharoen, writing in the Eventbrite Blog, advises that:

If you’ve ever had pre-event anxiety, you know it’s often due to uncertainty over the unexpected. From traffic jams to electrical issues, anticipating problems will help you avoid them.

Improve On-Site Logistics; Lower Your Stress

Presenting Yourself–Dressing for Success in the Event Industry

An event planner dressed to impressLooking the part is important in any role, and event planners are no exception.  Here are pointers for dressing the part.
Author Holly Barker is a digital native with a passion to help shape events and brands through storytelling, creativity and digital magic. She has over 10 years of experience consisting of social media marketing, events and promotional management, digital marketing, and brand development.
Everyone knows that they should wear comfortable clothing.  But are there some additional things you should do?  Of course, says Holly.
Her advice is:

Dressing for success as an event planner can be challenging. Long, active work days need you to keep moving quickly, and always be prepared for the unexpected! You need to have your essential go-to outfits that are made for comfort and convenience.

Dressing for Success in the Event Planning Business

Wrapping a Hot Summer for Events

We know that the season is keeping you busy.  Don’t forget how important the details are: good promotion, great giveaways, and a clean, comfortable “place to go”.
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