From cybersecurity to RFID, our March Event Planning Roundup has plenty of technology; but, we’ve got your social and legal bases covered as well.  You’ll want to be sure to check out Is Your Event Accessible? Because accessible events aren’t just nice, they’re the law.

New Rule May Impact Travel-Based Incentives

A rule designed primarily for the financial services industry may have negative unintended consequences for the meetingstravel destinations industry, causing two industry advocacy groups to object. As proposed by the Department of Labor, the rule would require all financial sales representatives advising clients on individual retirement investments to act as “fiduciaries,” meaning they would be required to put their clients’ interests ahead of their own in recommending financial products. This fiduciary responsibility therefore also requires disclosing any potential conflicts of interest, such as commissions or incentive contests. Rather than having these potential conflicts disclosed, some companies might decide instead to change their compensation structures, possibly eliminating commissions and incentive programs altogether.

Any reduction in incentive travel opportunities may also reduce the number of face-to-face meetings where financial services employees can receive in-person education to develop advanced skills, learn about new regulations, and develop professionally…

The groups cite a 2014 study by the Incentive Federation showing that 74 percent of U.S. businesses use non-cash rewards to recognize and reward key audiences in the form of incentive travel, merchandise, or gift cards, while 46 percent of those businesses running non-cash programs include incentive travel as an award, spending $22.5 billion per year.

Social Media Tips for your Next Event

You know social media is an important way not only to promote your event, but also to communicate with attendees while icon-collagethey’re there. In 10 Ideas to Make Your Event’s Social Media Better ( you get tips on what to do before, during, and after the event. Author Christina R. Green is a big believer in social media saying that it:

makes people interested, inspires people to join, and increases excitement surrounding your event. It’s much too important to do half-way…

Green goes on to note that “…social media is one of the best ways out there to reach your ideal audience for a minimal investment.”

Is Your Event Accessible?

ADA compliant and handicap accessibleProfessionals event planners know their events must be accessible for all attendees and presenters.  It’s not just a legal obligation, it’s the right thing to do.
And we were sure pleased when author Shawna McKinley remembered to include ADA-compliant restrooms in her list of things you just can’t forget in 20 Tips for a More Accessible Event (from  Her tips cover everything from site selection to printed materials, the event space, registration, and so on.
But instead of quoting the author for our blog, we instead quote Stevie Wonder—as she does in her article—imploring everyone at this years Grammy’s:

…to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.

We are proud to offer fully ADA-compliant models in our line of luxury restroom trailers.

Big Win Using RFID at a Music Festivalrfid chip

One of the newest technological advances in event planning, RFID, still has some professionals scratching their heads as to how best to apply it to their event. At the Snowglobe Music Festival in Lake Tahoe, California, organizers implemented RFID technology and saw faster fan entry, reduced fraud, and increased customer satisfaction.
Jeffrey Lesan, SnowGlobe’s CMO noted that:

It was such a tremendous relief for customer service… …for the first time ever, we didn’t get any complaints about the box office.


Cybersecurity for Your Meeting—Have Enough?

cyber-criminalWe all read about the massive hacks occurring all the time.  And those are huge sites and firms that spend millions on their networks and security. How can you possible keep your meeting secure?  Should you even care?
Post author Shimon Avish, Global Account Director, BCD Meetings & Events, points out that people don’t like to talk about cybersecurity at meetings, even considering:

the risks that ignoring it poses to a company’s intellectual property, reputation, and financial wellbeing.

He points to a presentation by Michael Robinson, a cybersecurity professional and professor in cyber forensics at Stevenson University, outlining three typical vulnerabilities as:

  • By standing up a portable Wi-Fi network
  • By using a portable cell tower
  • By using a Bluetooth interceptor

Any of these technologies are simply acquired. (From

Rounding Up Our Round Up

From new technologies to age-old courtesies, this month’s post spanned the huge subject of event planning. But it stresses the importance of keeping up to date.
At Luxury Restroom Trailers, we are a high-end boutique restroom company and a decor, special event & wedding equipment rental company.  But we always keep up to date with the latest ADA restrooms, green processes and methods, and we offer the only luxury 8-stall unit in the area.
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