Days are shorter, nights cooler, and leaves are turning color: it must be fall. This month we feature updates on event technology, using LinkedIn to promote your events, managing multi-day events, and some great ideas for Halloween-themed parties. Grab a soothing cup of coffee and read along!

12 Great Ideas for SwagExamples of gift bags

For many people, their favorite things at conferences are the things they give away: the all-important SWAG.  Make sure the swag at your event stands out from the crowd; it’ll help bring them back next year.
Things have certainly changed, as even hi-tech items like USB sticks have been supplanted. The article notes that they:

…have become so mainstream and accessible that they are no longer worthy of the goody bag. They have now been replaced with travel chargers for your smartphone. These handy bricks hold a charge and then plug into your phone with a variety of different adapters to make sure that you never run out of battery.

But some of the mainstays of the event scene haven’t changed. The post notes that—for event with larger budgets—you should consider wine, saying that:

At all-day events, trade shows or conferences many people need a little pick-me-up (something an alcoholic lolly won’t fix!) which means for larger budgets you can send them home with mini wine samples.

That’s an event we’d be happy to attend.
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LinkedIn social network logoWhy You Should Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Event

Most of us are familiar with the LinkedIn social network, but did you know it can be a powerful tool for event promotion? That’s especially true for professional and business-oriented conferences. With a monthly audience of over 100 million, your message reaches a more targeted group of prospects.
It’s that tight focus of LinkedIn that author Ronnie Higgins thinks is most important, saying that:

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, users on LinkedIn aren’t using the social network to share photos of their breakfast. People use LinkedIn to network with others in their professional fields, build their professional brand, and learn the latest industry news.

Also, if you’re using LinkedIn advertising, its targeting abilities can be used to great advantage because it allows you to segment the audience:

…by their professional attributes, such as job title, seniority, and skill…


you can run multiple ads to diferent audiences at the same time. This allows you to highlight diferent aspects of your
event, such as speakers or panelists, to those who’ll be most interested.

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Manage Your Multi-Day Event the Right Waymultiple day events require planning

Larger events spanning several days require more logistic and planning considerations than the smaller ones. Planning expert Fabrice Orlando thinks “the goal of planning a multi-day event is to ensure that each night is distinct and carries its own vibe, while still flowing cohesively with the rest of the event.”
Orlando stresses preparation and a great team saying:

A lot of the planning for multi-day events boils down to preparation.


A great team is really the key to a successful multi-day event.

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Snapchat is great for promoting eventsUse Snapchat for Your Event: 4 Ideas

Since its debut five years ago, Snapchat has evolved into a great tool for events. Author Ian Zelaya says that “in addition to allowing brands to broadcast on the app’s Live Stories feature and highlighting aspects of events on its Discover channels, Snapchat is becoming an official event partner.”
In fact, Zelaya notes that the Tribeca Film Festival went “all in” for Snapchat, by inviting contestants to film a comedy of less than 200 seconds on the social media platform.
Even the Summer Olympic Games got in on the action. Zelaya says that:

…users were able to view highlights on Snapchat thanks to partnerships with NBC Sports and BuzzFeed.

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10 Great Halloween Food and Drink IdeasJack o lantern

No one is short of decorating ideas for Halloween events, but if you’re looking for inspiration in the refreshments, here are ten wonderful ideas.
Follow this slideshow for unique ideas including: ice cream-filled fried pumpkins, a spooky Jägermeister punch, and chocolate eyeballs.
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