Are you wondering about holding an event at a non-traditional venue? You’re certainly not alone; Global Hoteliers predicts that the demand for nontraditional venues will increase by 3.8% in 2017—while the demand for others will remain relatively flat.
Thinking “outside the box” (or should we say outside the ballroom) is critical in any job, but in event planning it can make the difference between success and failure. Kristina Skinner, Senior Manager, PR & Communications at Peerspace notes that:

People generally know that hotels, restaurants, and convention centers offer event space. But now, these samewarehouse interior people are learning that a more interesting—and ultimately more inspiring—option exists.

Warehouses and Lofts

Many former factory locations have been transformed into multi-purpose spaces that utterly lack pretension. Their pared down architecture makes them both versatile and appealing.
Their size and high ceilings offer lots of possibilities for decoration and some unique activities.

Local warehouse venues

The North Warehouse – Portland
The Evergreen PDX – Portland
Within SODO – Seattle

olympic rooftop pavilionRooftop Venues

The wide-open spaces and awesome urban views from many rooftops make them ideal as venues. Plus, in good weather, there’s no better place to hold a nice, sunny event.
And the venues themselves offer quite a bit of variety from the bare cement of the top of a parking structure, to elegant and refined decoration at the Olympic Pavilion in Seattle.

Local Rooftop Venues

Ecotrust – Portland
The Olympic Rooftop Pavilion – Seattle

Galleries and Museumsmuseum event venue

What could be more fun than hosting an event in a space that is architecturally historic, plus filled with beautiful art and interesting exhibits?
A wide variety of these facilites througout the northwest are available for your event. Add that special touch to your event by hosting it in a memorable place!

Local Gallery and Museum Venues

Seattle Art Museum
Portland Art Museum


Farmhouses, Vineyards, Villas, and Ranches

non-traditional event at a ranchAnd perhaps the most unique experiences come from venues that are partially or completely outdoors.
From working ranches and farms, to villa and vineyard owners who open their properties to private events, you’re on the track to having an event that your guests will remember for years to come.
There is such a variety of outdoor venues available, and they’re very flexible in hosting many different kinds of events!

Local Outdoor Venues

Woodinville Lavender Farm – Woodinville
Director Park – Portland
Abernethy Center – Oregon City

Wrapping It Up And Making It A Success

You want your event to be memorable—in a good way. A unique venue is a great way to do that. But make sure you consider that many non-traditional event venues were not originally designed to accommodate the needs of large groups, and that includes guest sanitation needs.
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