A budding new trend in weddings is breaking away from the generations old traditions to create a unique experience for both the couple and their guests. Often times, within a group of friends, some of you may be attending a half a dozen weddings in a single summer. Relationships are contagious and everyone seems to celebrate them at the same time! Keep your guests entertained and intrigued with a slew of alternative choices that separate your wedding from the rest.
Breaking the mold is easy. Taking the wedding outside, thinking outside the white dress, creating the necessary amenities for an alternative space, midnight snacks, bold table arrangement, and groom’s flower arrangements are all options to celebrating ancient love in a non-traditional display for all to share. We’ve included some of the boldest options yet below. Cheers to new traditions!

The Wedding Dress: Think Outside the White Dress

The classic white wedding dress may be the hardest tradition from which option to walk away. But once you see the absolutely over the top glamorous options within the same price range of your typical lace, silk, and cream beading you will fall head over heels. Your wedding is a day to feel as beautiful as you have ever felt. If that means wearing violet ruffles, a dress covered in modern floral print, or a multi-colored off the shoulder fringe gown – then lady, that’s what you should wear!

Alternative Floral Arrangements

Flowers have taken on more life than just a bouquet in hand while walking down the aisle or a small arrangement at the center of a table. Flowers can be hanging from the ceiling, covering an entire wall, or frame an entry way. If the groom or grooms have a beard, that’s valuable real-estate too! You can even work with your florists and event rental companies to create giant faux flowers for an incredible feature at any off the beaten path wedding celebration.
Modern Inspiration: http://www.weddingpartyapp.com/blog/2013/05/09/unconventional-and-affordable-bouquets-for-the-modern-bride-lavender-unique-flowers-wedding-herb-single-bloom-budget/

Outdoor Chic Celebrations

Weddings have been heading outdoors in recent years and the impact has been nothing short of stunning. Whether you’re in the woods, a backyard, within the vines of the vineyard or between the trees of an orchard, the fresh air, lighting, and memories just cannot be beat. Outdoor venues have limitless possibilities from over the top glam decorating to minimalist nature loving chic.
For more outdoor love: http://www.modwedding.com/2015/04/20-drop-dead-gorgeous-wedding-receptions/

Outdoor Venues: “BYOB” Bring Your Own Bathroom

When dealing within non-traditional constraints, you may find yourself without the traditional amenities such as the all-important restroom options. Luxury restrooms rentals have become the new necessity. Now that the word is out, brides are opting out of the hot blue plastic box and opting in for air conditioning, extra space, privacy, sound systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, crown molding, and more. Complete your wedding planning with a restroom your mother can be proud to use!
For all your options click here: http://luxuryrestroomtrailers.com/

Alternative Tableware

Typical china are a fantastic option but when you are really trying to make splash with your tableware design, deep metal tones and contrasting woods are a fabulous trend we just cannot get enough of. The look is inviting and whimsical but has enough flare to really catch the eye. Rich golds, coppers, rose golds, and bronzes have taken on new life this summer and have brought old favorites to the forefront once more in these bold new takes on a classic.
For more metal inspiration: http://munaluchibridal.com/platinum-blush-old-hollywood-wedding-atlanta/

Midnight Snacks: The Best Kind of Snacking

A new swoon worthy trend we have seen popping up that we absolutely cannot get enough of: the midnight snack. Whether your caterer brings in a pizza oven or a food truck filled with all the greasy delicious snacks a midnight timeline requires; this is one trend we hope engrains itself into generations of tradition to come. You can choose a special meal you and your spouse once shared, your favorite comfort food, or a snack you just can’t wait to introduce to your friends! Send your guests home happy and full!
For More Tasty Treats: http://thebudgetsavvybride.com/food-truck-weddings/

Non-Traditional Celebrations

The impact of non-traditional weddings and ceremonies can last a lifetime. Tradition is a beautiful thing but putting your own unique touch to a day meant to celebrate the very love you and your soulmate share is simply the next level of evolution in a world of limitless love. Whether you are looking for a dress unlike any other, an outdoor restroom fit for the monarchy, flowers that wow, and midnight snacks that far more than satisfy, an alternative wedding is just another amazing way to say thank you to family and friends for supporting you and leading you to this point. Cheers to new traditions!