Being a native to the Northwest, my favorite time of year is when a cool breeze is in the air and the colors begin to change down every street. As a lifer of the Northwest, I also hold a deep love of the outdoors and if it rained every day I wouldn’t mind a bit! After a summer full of amazing weddings feeling as if we have seen it all, the fall weddings begin and impress us all over again with their bold color palettes, envy inducing fashion accessories, creative floral design, and some of the best comfort food built from what would seem to be the very constructs of your dreams.
With a few tweaks to accommodate for our predictably unpredictable weather, our amazing landscapes, vineyards, orchards, backyards, and all other outdoor venues make for an amazing wedding backdrop in the throes of the autumn season. We have included a few insider tricks to pulling off the most fabulous fall weddings while highlighting your gorgeous surroundings and keeping you and your guests cozy!
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Fall Fashion: Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Accessories that seem to have fallen straight out of an elegant time traveling magazine are a fabulous touch to your wedding photos to cherish for years and years but they are also incredibly functional in keeping you warm. Chattering teeth can make for blurry photos and you’ll want to be comfortable while celebrating what is to be one of the happiest times (and biggest parties) of your life! Keep your bridal look with vintage shawls, faux furs, long gloves, and lacey sleeves. Add a broach to pull together the timeless look and the compliments will be flowing all night!
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Fall Feasts: Comfort Food to Impress

For me, personally, the food really dictates the mood of any event (and my overall mood in general). Nothing makes my heart skip a beat faster than soup shooter hors d’oeuvre paired with tiny grilled cheese sandwiches, or a hot brie and fruit bar, or a hot toddy bar, or a candied apple station, or a self-serve s’more tower; Fall weather has the ability to bring the magic out of food. The best food add a touch of warm nostalgia and then doubles down as a delicious treat. Classic favorites will always be a win with your guests and will bring back memories of your wedding every year!
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Creature Comforts: Heating & Bathrooms are a Must!

Although the surroundings of an autumn wedding are almost always a beautiful display of nature, sometimes your guests may not like the rain as much as others or didn’t realize when you sent an invitation for an outdoor fall wedding that you actually meant outdoors. To keep those guests and others extra comfy, don’t forget the creature comforts! Outdoor space heaters are a must for under tents and around seating areas. And don’t forget the Luxury Restrooms! Luxury Restroom Trailers by Privy Chambers equips its trailers with air conditioning and heating options for year-round celebration in comfort and style.
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Bold Floral Designs: Rich Autumn Color Palette

The perks of a fall wedding are the incredible variety of deep rich floral designs and options that coincide with the season. Remember, with the difference in season, some of the light, airy floral choices may be harder to find or, gasp, more expensive for an out-of-season flower. The neutral backgrounds of oranges and browns in the landscapes allow the deep reds and greens of your bouquets and flower arrangements to take center stage.
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Those Photoshoots, Though…Amazing!

Fall weather brings color, color, and more color. As long as you’re dressed for the breeze, you can pull off a whimsical photoshoot for the ages. The biggest piece to understand to a fall wedding shoot is flexibility. It may be colder than you like, it may start raining half way through, but the end result will be a beautiful photo and if you’re dressed in your warmth accessories, have a space heater nearby, and a “camera ready” umbrella on standby, you’ll be comfy and beautiful all the way through!
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Wrapping It Up

An autumn wedding is a spectacular way to show your guests a great time and capitalize on the natural beauty our beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer. Dress accordingly, don’t forget to bring the heat both in the restrooms and under the tents, and dive into a buffet of nostalgia and warmth with a hot toddy and grilled cheese!