Making sure your outdoor corporate event is wheelchair-accessible isn’t just a good way to make a more inclusive event, in many cases it’s the law! And, in the beautiful Northwest, with the growing popularity of outdoor venues, there are more options for accessibility than ever before.
It’s all about rethinking traditional approaches to things like decor, flooring, and restroom facilities. There are beautiful lighting and décor strategies that keep accents off the floor and pathways clear. Temporary flooring companies have mastered ease in mobility with solid surfaces, paths, and ramps. And a variety of restroom options are available that are not just wheelchair accessible, but are fully ADA-compliant.
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RestroomsWheelchair accessible portable restroom

To offer as many options as possible to our clients, we reached out to manufacturers to see what was available in the restroom industry for ADA-compliant outdoor events. To our shock, the options ranged from limited to non-existent with many restrooms not even meeting full ADA compliancy.
Partnering with the top manufacturer in the country, we designed one of the most beautiful custom restrooms in the Northwest… one that also happens to be fully ADA-compliant and wheelchair-accessible.
Our standards were extremely high in the design process. Crown molding, custom cabinetry, back-lit vanity mirrors, sound systems, vessel sinks, and more have been incorporated into this beautiful and highly functional design. It forever leaves behind the industrial, hospital-grade look and feel.
ADA Interior_3Best of all, these restrooms were designed with a fully ADA-compliant ramp system and an absolutely gorgeous oversized room with more than enough space to do a full turn—any guest will feel absolutely welcome in such a beautiful space.
The same principles of mobility and high-end design can be applied to the rest of outdoor event planning. Following we’ve listed some tricks of the trade we’ve learned while being a part of some truly incredible events.
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Décor: Keep It Off the Ground!An accessible event with hanging decor

A growing new trend for both indoor events and outdoor events that we absolutely love is hanging décor and flower arrangements and it fits perfectly with keeping pathways clear for an ADA-compliant event.
Hanging chandeliers and strings of pearls from tree branches sets a whimsical scene and allows for high impact in the visuals department. Another trend we are obsessing over is hanging floral designs – whether they are oversized floral wreaths hanging horizontally or hundreds of tulips hanging vertically one by one above the guests’ table – hanging floral designs are a super modern twist on favorite traditional designs.
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Temporary Flooring

Many outdoor events come with a lot of dirt, grass, gravel, and uneven ground. Looking to get around a little easier? the right flooring helps this guest in a wheelchairThose small square dance floors you see at weddings can be extended to cover your venue! You can even cover pathways for a “runway” type feel and ramps over small sections of steps for easy transitions for all guests.
Flooring comes in almost any design you can imagine from black and white retro tiles, glossy runways, to an elegant hardwood look. Many floors also help protect grass and plants and most flooring options are able to pull electrical lines underneath to avoid tripping hazards. If you really want to blow the minds of family and friends, you can even have extra neat features such as clear flooring built over a pool with LED up lighting; the options are never ending.
No matter which matches your aesthetic best, the ease of moving throughout the event to greet each of your guests will be the most memorable part!
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Wrapping it All Up

ADA-compliant and wheelchair-accessible event designs can have all the high end features for a fabulous outdoor event. Whether it be creative hanging décor, lighting and floral arrangements, a modern temporary floor design, or the most beautiful outdoor restroom options in the Northwest, all the pieces are there to make an ADA-compliant and wheelchair-accessible outdoor event truly incredible.
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