A New Year’s Eve wedding is absolutely a night for any couple to remember forever and an excellent date to gather all the friends together year after year to celebrate the big anniversary! With so many event planning options already folded into the day of celebration for the new year, we have compiled a few tips and tricks to planning a flawless New Year’s Eve Wedding. All the standards come into play such as the dress, the flowers, the guest list, but important consideration is needed for the venue, the views, the catering and drink menus, and of course the after-party transportation for getting family and friends home safely!
A New Year’s Eve Wedding is the perfect new beginning for the couple looking to come into the new year with just the right ‘spark!’

The Venue: Preferably with a View!

The VenueUnless you have the budget to put on your own pyrotechnics display of fireworks spelling out the names of the bride and groom in flash bangs and whirly whoos, the perfect venue for a New Year’s Eve Wedding is typically going to be downtown with a view of the city fireworks display. Both the City of Seattle and the City of Portland put on fabulous displays with plenty of downtown venues sitting front and center for the perfect view of show. Spaces on holiday weekends typically get snapped up pretty quickly and often have returning clients for year after year celebrations so make sure to start the hunt early and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions about visibility of the fireworks. We also recommend checking out the venue both in the day time and in the evening once the sun has set to get a true feel of venue.

Venues Continued: Winter Weather Prep

The Venue ContinuedAs with any winter wedding, extra attention needs to paid to the venue amenities such as heating, lighting, and restrooms. The good news, if you find the perfect venue with all the views in the world but they are lacking in the foundation items such as heat and restrooms – fear not! Each of these options can be brought to your location including restrooms! Luxury Restroom Trailers by Privy Chambers have both compact and oversized options for all guest list sizes and most options will even fit through the bay doors of large warehouses for downtown locations bringing the restrooms INSIDE! With the long night of celebrating, your guests will certainly appreciate a fabulous place to “go!”

Timing: Midnight Nuptials

New Year's clock and champagne at midnightHoping for a wedding exactly at midnight? Be sure to plan well! You’ll need a fool proof strategy to get all your guests seated, paying attention, and ready for vows. If you want the “I Do’s” to happen exactly at midnight, best to do several practice runs to see how long the lead up takes and be sure to have some “hurry up” tactics in case of running late. Just for good measure, have a few stalling tactics saved up your sleeve as well in case the excitement gets you ahead of schedule. It’s a specific day with a specific time and you want it to be perfect!

Food & Drink Menus: The Important Stuff!

Catering and DrinksFood and beverages on a night such as New Year’s Eve are one of the most crucial components – balance without overdoing it! For a New Year’s Eve Wedding celebration, the festivities will likely be starting later in the evening – especially if you are planning for midnight nuptials. With this in mind, a full dinner course may be overkill but keep the appetizers flowing if drinks will be served to be sure your guests make it to the end of the night. Themed hors d’oeuvres such as Ball Drop Cake Pops and the infamous Champaign Fountain are a sure hit for any New Year’s celebration!

The Party Is Over: Get Home Safe!

Get Home SafeWith any late night celebration, and especially on a day so many celebrate such as New Year’s Eve, you want to be sure EVERYONE gets home safe and sound. Having accommodations downtown nearby the venue are the best solution to getting home safe. If a trip across town is necessary, hiring a car service, having a taxi company alerted to a large crown leaving the area at a certain time, or having an “Uber Waiting Station” set up outside the venue are excellent ways to show your guests how much you appreciate them celebrating your special day. Their safety is your top concern!
A New Year’s Eve Wedding is the perfect date to get family and friends together to celebrate a day of new beginnings. Lots of planning is best as the popular date is in high demand for venues, caterers, and hot spot views of fireworks across the city. Don’t forget about special accommodations for downtown venues such as restrooms, heat, and lighting for the flawless night you and yours will remember for a lifetime!
Happy New Years from the whole team at Luxury Restroom Trailers by Privy Chambers!!