When searching for my ideal wedding venue, I visited all the typical “Best Wedding Venues” within a couple of hours from Portland. The options and amenities varied depending on whether I was looking at a hotel ballroom or a local community grange. For me, it was a bit overwhelming putting a sizable chunk of my budget into the space – because I still needed furniture, lights, flowers, food, the works! In a moment of budgetary panic and an impending schedule, we chose our friends backyard over a swanky “all inclusive” venue. It may have been a bit more work, but it turned out even more beautiful than I could have imagined!
My “dream wedding venue” was created in a place meant for casual BBQ’s and birthday parties in my childhood. With these tricks and tips below you can transform any “casual space” across the board including empty industrial buildings, oversized parking lots, an open field on a farm, a state or city park, historic building, sandy beaches, in the grape vines of a vineyard, or among the trees of an orchard; you can go anywhere!
Here are a few of the obvious and not so obvious necessities for planning an event “off the beaten path!”

LightingLighting for your wedding

Event rental companies have most anything your heart desires to set the mood; string lights, chandeliers, spot lights, up lighting, marquee letters, lanterns, candles and more. Lighting is one of the major ways to transform a space and create the ambiance your party craves. But don’t forget, if you bring in a device that needs to be plugged in – you’ll need somewhere to plug it!

Lighting is single-handedly the most important design element in any room, any concept, and any event.

For more on lighting http://www.theluxuryspot.com/decor-spotting-ideas-for-unique-wedding-lighting/


Luxury restroom for a weddingYes, restrooms! If you’re inviting 100+ guests to a historic building, a farm house out in the country, or a ceremony among the vines of the vineyard, you may find yourself in need of restrooms that meet the same standards and design detail as the rest of your reception. Our friends were super gracious in letting us use their backyard as our venue but they weren’t interested in 200+ people traipsing through their house using their restrooms. Luxury restroom trailers have solved the porta potty dilemma with elegance for any black tie event. Heating, air conditioning, sound system, crown molding, and custom cabinetry are incredible innovations for outdoor restrooms – they are like a party zone all to themselves!

Boutique luxury restroom rentals are an essential piece to any upscale event. Treat yourself and your guests!

For more on restrooms http://luxuryrestroomtrailers.com

ElectricityElectricity is important for your wedding

Many of your vendors will need electricity in some capacity. Whether it’s the DJ, the caterers, the lighting, or extras such as a fun photo booth or luxury bathrooms, your vendors will need power. Often, they can each provide their own power when arranged in advance. If that option is not available, you can also check out your local event rental company or even your local hardware store for the best weekend deals!

It’s important that you always calculate what [power is] needed, then make sure there’s twice as much power available as required.

For more on electricity https://rickryan.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/stuff-to-know-how-to-power-a-tent-wedding-reception/

TentsTents for your wedding can be very fancy

Tents have become an art form. The options available are incredible and can transform anything; a parking lot downtown, a backyard, field, farm, garden, ANYWHERE! Tents define a space. Want an extra tall multi-point tent draped in silk, a clear tent that allows you to see the stars once the sun goes down, hanging chandeliers, or up-lighting behind the drapes that puddle to the floor – all of those options exist!

You can’t describe it but it’s so dreamy under the clear tent, everyone lit by candlelight, everything just glows — pure bliss.

For more on tents http://junebugweddings.com/wedding-blog/haiku-mill-wedding-maui-definition-enchanting/

Furniture for your weddingFurniture

Overstuffed sofas and lounge furniture pieces have become an amazing alternative to the structured grid layout of linen draped tables. But no matter the direction you choose with seating, additional accents such as faux boxwood walls with room for marquee letters, mobile bars, or focal point pieces such as linen lined event tents. Whether you are focusing on lots of little accents or a couple of large focal points, the whimsical touches certainly define your aesthetic and help shape the party atmosphere when your guests arrive.

Create an area where guests can kick back and relax using colorful rental lounge furniture.

For more on furniture http://www.bridalguide.com/planning/the-details/color/pantone-colors-of-the-year-2016#157598

Linens and LaceBeautiful linens for your wedding

Whether you are already in a gorgeous space or have some sprucing up to do – linens are an absolutely stunning additive! Looking for a bohemian woodland feel? Lace drapes hanging from trees sets a whimsical scene. Hoping for a luxury feel? Pleated silk lined tents are gorgeous! Whether your linens are hanging from the ceiling in exposed rafter, draping the entrance to your venue, billowing curtains at the sides of a tent, or framing the alter; pipe and drape companies have you covered and will blow your mind with the finished product!

Chic or romantic, rustic or organic, there’s a textile choice to suit your style.

For more on linens http://thelane.com/style-guide/style-elements/reception-decor/how-to-drape-table-linen

Floral masterpieces for your weddingFloral Masterpieces

I was not big on flowers for my wedding – now that I have put in the research – I have definitely changed my tune. An entire wall covered in rose buds? Beautiful! An arch of flowers and greenery garland hanging from a tree swing or constructed alter? Absolutely spectacular! Sculpted flower arrangements are here to stay. You don’t have to go overboard with small flower bouquets here and there – you can go big with one or two pieces and have an impact none of your guests will expect!

I strive to feature unique and personal weddings that choose to hew close to the heart rather than to the latest trends, as well as gorgeous and innovative style and inspiration!

For more on flowers http://heyweddinglady.com/unique-floral-design-inspiration-for-spring-weddings/