The summer event season is in full swing, and we’ve rounded up a great selection of reads to keep you up to date on everything in the event planning arena.  From insights gleaned from industry leaders, to the emergence of airbnb as a reputable option for planners, it’s all here!  And we top it all with some great ideas from a Cuba-themed party.

Getting That Promotional Email Rightemail marketing to promote events

Email is one of the most popular (and disliked) of all digital marketing techniques.  Despite the nuisance factor, when done right it is a very powerful tool.  And, since your prospects are likely bombarded by dozens of emails every day, yours has to stand out to be successful.
Email marketing expert and author Maddie Veal notes that:

…to make your messages cut through the noise, you’ll have to choose your words wisely.

She closes the article with perhaps her best advice, focused on calls to action, saying:

Put your CTA at the very top and bottom of your email to make it as fast and easy as possible for attendees to find — and click.
Your reader should know exactly what to expect when they click

Email Copywriting Tips for Event Organizers

Twitter Advertising Gets You In Front Of Attendees

Twitter is great for promoting eventsOf all the major social networks, Twitter has been latest to the paid placement (nice phrase for advertising) game.  With over 300 million monthly users, it’s very much worth exploring to see if it can be another tool in your promotional arsenal.
Writing for Event Manager Blog, Michael Chidzey says that advertising on Twitter is perfect to:

…get in front of the right Twitter users, sell tickets to your events, and engage with attendees leading up to the big day.

Most importantly though, Mr. Chidzey sees the network as a:

…great place to advertise to users that have visited your event’s site but not bought tickets. This involves setting up a pixel (you can easily create a Twitter pixel to place in the header tag of your event’s website template) and target people on Twitter that have visited your website. Since they’ll already be familiar with your brand, they’ll be much more receptive and likely to engage the second time around.

How to Use Twitter Advertising to Get In Front of Attendees

Hot Havana Nights: Bringing Cuba Alive For A Corporate Party

Few events are as popular as themed parties.  And what fits better with a warm summer’s evening than a party with a a vintage cars mural created just for the eventCuban theme? The organizers pulled out all the stops to make sure attendees really felt like they’d taken a trip to Havana.
From a variety of rustic table settings and centerpieces, to a “vintage car” themed mural, this was an event to be remembered.
Hot Night in Havana: Koncept Events Brings Cuba Alive for a Corporate Client

Airbnb: It’s Not Just For Vacations Anymore

Now that AirBNB has become nearly as ubiquitous (and disruptive to the market) as Uber has, event planning professionalstypical AirBNB property are standing up and taking notice of the firm as a legitimate vendor for their events.
MeetingsNet interviewed Jack Johnson, DMAI (Destination Marketing Association International) chief advocacy and board compliance officer who confidently stated that:

Airbnb is a legitimate option for lodging, just like boutique hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and campgrounds. Airbnb is a global business with a platform offering a different product mix.

Why DMOs Need Strategic Relationships with AirBNB

industry leaders' advice on event planning7 Experts Share Their Event Planning Advice

Nothing beats expert advice, and this month we close with wisdom from 7 leading corporate event planners.
Julius Solaris, editor of Event Manager Blog makes a strong case for technology saying:

2016 will be about event technology, more than ever before. As the event tech market expands, VCs invest and attendees grow tired of usual concepts, more event professionals see a direct link between the use of technology and better engagement

Liz King, CEO of Techsytalk, is at the other end of things.  She thinks:

…[the]key is through visual involvement. Making your event feel inclusive, exciting and fun, by posting a selfie using a common hashtag, will help to raise event awareness among social media users. It will make everyone at the event feel as though they are part of a larger, welcoming community.

7 Event Industry Leaders Share Their Planning Advice

Keeping Up To Date In A Busy Time

During the busiest part of the year is not the easiest season to find time to catch up on the happenings in your industry.  Look to your friends at Luxury Restroom Trailers for a great selection of quick reads every month.  And don’t forget, when your guests need a nice “place to go”, give us a call for the Northwest’s largest selection and widest service area.