With so much focus on what we can do to help the environment, there is an emerging trend of Eco-Friendly Glam. Wedding ceremonies and receptions can be your chance as a couple to celebrate your environmental stewardship as a nod to your forever future together and can help kick start your guests to the Eco-Friendly Glam path.
Keeping waste to a minimum and repurposing items are a great place to begin but keeping a fine balance of glam in your eco-friendly inspirations is the ultimate goal for a flawless event. Choosing local and organic food sources for your catering, using vintage décor and even a vintage gown and suit, purposeful wedding favors, water saving elements with over the top amazing outdoor restroom rentals, and a consideration for locally sourced live floral arrangements are all among our top list of favorite tips and trends into Eco-Friendly Glam.

Vintage Gown, Suit, & Décor!

vintage decor and gown

A fabulous Eco-friendly venue is one that comes with most of its own décor. Whether it be through amazing architectural designs that need little accenting or a mature outdoor landscape providing its own live flowers and foliage. With the extra little items use to accent the happy couple’s personality and interests, a touch of vintage décor such as old books and antiques from any interest or hobby sourced from either the local shop on Main Street, Grandma’s attic, or go extra eco-savvy with vintage rentals – the more couples are able to share different items whether it be throughout the generations or throughout the season, the better!
Check out these amazing vignette inspirations: http://bit.ly/2en7Ijp

The Catering: Keep it Local, Keep it Fresh, Keep it Organic!

Eco-Friendly Catering

Being in the Northwest, we are surrounded by some of the freshest meat, dairy, and produce in the country. Organic has been become a household norm and our farms and food suppliers are listening! Home to some of the best honey crisp apples, black berries and raspberries, wild chanterelle mushrooms, filberts (or hazelnuts to all you non-northwesterners!) locally owned and operated dairies, wineries, and breweries, it is no wonder so many of our caterers have opted for seasonal menus to be able to offer the freshest ingredients all year-round. Keep your caterer closely involved in your guest counts to avoid waste for the compost. End up with too much extra food? Consider donating it!
Check out the Instagram feed of one of our favorite local caterers: http://bit.ly/2en7HvO

The Restrooms: Beauty & Environmental Stewardship in One Package!

Luxury Restroom Trailer CollageOften times, an eco-friendly venue may have an abundance of natural beauty, but they may be lacking in some of the basic necessities for a ceremony and reception lasting into the evening. Don’t let a lack of restrooms deter you from your dream wedding venue! Luxury Restroom Trailers by Privy Chambers has the perfect restroom replacements for your black tie affair whether it is in the middle of the woods, within the vines of the vineyard, down on the farm, or in your family backyard. All of these restrooms are built with low flow water systems helping to save thousands of gallons a year, LED lighting for low power draws, equipment made in the USA, and the new option of solar power on some units. These restrooms are the absolute best in the Northwest over any of options and are definitely keeping the Glam in Eco-Friendly Glam!
Check out all the local options here: www.luxuryrestroomtrailers.com

Fresh, Local, Live Floral Design

Eco-Friendly Floral Design

The choices in floral design can be overwhelming. Style, color, cut, arrangements or bouquets, singles or bunches; the choices are endless! When choosing eco-friendly glam options, keep local availability in mind. Ask your florist what their local vendors have available season to season to help avoid costly delivery fees while also keeping an eye on that carbon footprint. Want to go the extra mile? Choose live plants and floral designs! Potted ferns and flowers, live mosses, shrubs, trees, are all wonderful examples of sustainable floral design. And the best part, with a proper green thumb these live florals can be a lasting reminding of your budding love for seasons to come!
Check out these amazing ombre floral inspirations: http://bit.ly/2efJus3
Eco-Friendly Glam is the hottest new trend aimed at keeping our one and only earth at its coolest. Minimizing your carbon footprint with repurposed gowns, suits, and décor, locally sourced catering options, restrooms that will amaze while also saving thousands of gallons of water, and thoughtful floral options are the perfect tips and trends for an over the top glam affair while also celebrating our environmental edge in the Pacific Northwest!